January Grit met on a sidewalk in New York City in the Autumn of 2017. Inspired by the city's rhythm and restlessness they began creating music together in a small room on their college campus. The two started on an old grand piano and a tiny travel acoustic guitar, writing as a means to both internalize and express their experience of the world. Over the span of four months they self-recorded a number of covers and wrote their first songs together. As time wore on and as the harshness of winter continued to crescendo the two decided to leave everything behind in order to dedicate their lives entirely to music. 

In January of 2018 January Grit took a twelve hour train ride from New York to Toronto, Canada. They slept on a mattress on the living room floor of a tiny apartment overlooking the completely frozen Lake Ontario. The duo gigged around Toronto, self-recorded original songs, and self-shot a music video for their song, "Hollow Hallelujah." They were also selected as winners of Toronto's Underground Sounds competition with Universal Music Canada. 

After six beautifully challenging months in Toronto, January Grit decided to move to California. Recently, their original song, "Sway," was featured on a Map of the Heart fragrance commercial directed by Jeff Darling. January Grit is currently performing around Orange County. Their debut album, 'Here in Fahrenheit' was released on January 25th, 2019 and is now available on all streaming platforms. 



Maddy was born and raised in Sydney Australia. Both of her parents are devout music lovers and artists, her mother being a singer and musician and her father being a screenwriter. Their creative influence and the constant presence of music in her life inspired Maddy to begin singing and playing the piano at age 6. Maddy started writing original songs on her old, upright, and out of tune piano at the age of 13. She also began gigging around Sydney and recorded at multiple studios across the city. 

As her writing and her musical abilities progressed Maddy's focus shifted primarily to jazz and the blues. In 2017 Maddy was 1 of 3 composers chosen out of 6,000 applicants from across the state to perform her original song, "What Do You Say" in front of an audience of more than 2,000 people. Maddy went on to study jazz at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney and later studied Creative Writing at Sarah Lawrence college. She is currently studying and living in California and is working as a private music teacher at Molly's Music in Costa Mesa. Some of her greatest influences include Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Nina Simone, and Bob Dylan. 


Rose was born in Toronto and grew up in Ottawa, Canada. She was raised listening primarily to classical music and began playing the violin at age 5. At age 8 she decided to play the flute instead, which she continued to pursue until age 15. In 2011 Rose moved to California with her family, where she began taking voice lessons. 

During her second year of High School, after taking a poetry class, Rose was incredibly inspired by the art of spoken word poetry. She began attending and perfoming at weekly open mic nights at Da Poetry Lounge in LA. At age 18 Rose won a slam poetry competition, held by Say Word LA, and recieved a book publishing deal. She also joined a poetry team and they went on to tour Southern California and were featured at multiple venues. In July of 2017 Rose and her team competed at Brave New Voices, an international poetry competition in San Francisco. They performed on final stage in front of an audience of more than 3,000 people. At age 18 Rose taught herself to play guitar when she found her mother's old classical and poorly strung guitar in the garage. She began to pursue songwriting, which is still her favorite aspect of being a musician, as it allows her to combine her passion for writing with her love for music. Some of her greatest influences include Leonard Cohen, Hozier, Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, and Andrea Gibson.  


Sean got his start playing local shows in his hometown of Palm Springs, California. In 2010 he went to school to study jazz. Sean spent the next several years writing and recording albums with multiple artists. His projects range from jazz bepop to rock to pop. In 2012 Sean was picked up for a West Coast tour with the band, "Heatwave." In 2014 Sean started taking on students in the Southern California region. He is currently still teaching the drums as well as working on multiple projects and touring. Sean plays the drums on the debut album.


Garret's bass journey began in 1987 when he saw Ray Brown and his trio blow the roof off the concert hall. At age 16 Garret was accepted to the Fullerton College music program, where he studied and played in jazz combos, steel drum bands, reggae bands, and more. In 1991 Garret toured Southern Japan with a jazz combo, "Breaking Point." They played on a morning show, "Ohayo Kansai," in front of an estimated audience of 1.5 million viewers. Eventually Garret landed at CSUN where he studied under Ed Mears, this time playing with symphonic and string ensembles of various sizes. Garret has studied with teachers such as the studio great Carol Kaye, David Hilton, and now Anthony Wellington. He is currently a teacher at Gilmore Music in Long Beach and is in two blues and rock bands. Garret plays both the electric and upright bass on the debut album. 


Carlos is an award winning violinist and composer from Caracas, Venezuela. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston after studying Composition and Film Scoring. In 2014 he won the Millican Composition Competition and he was a finalist for the Hamlisch International Film scoring competition. In 2014 Carlos was also an intern at Music and Motion Productions. Carlos is currently working as a film composer. He plays the violin on the debut album.


Rebecca is a cellist from Pasadena, California. Rebecca studied cello under Stephen Erdody, Nadine Hall, and later under Rowena Hammill and Andrea Cook at California State University of Northridge. Rebecca has recorded for Ben Harper, Bruce Dickinson, Mervyn Warren, and Michael Buble. She has performed with Smokey Robinson, Clay Aiken, P. Diddy, Sheila Nicholls, and Kanye West. While in college, her quartet was a finalist in the 1999 Coleman Chamber Music Ensemble Competition. Rebecca plays the cello on the debut album.

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